I want this to be something you're excited to open each weekA resource for brands to learn about ad creatives.So check the new format!A Great Ad Example:Split Screen VibesThis particular example from Dirtea hooks us in with the review counter on the left side climbing all the way up,and the UGC creator on the right explaining the benefits of mushrooms.Not too hard to build, and the hold rate I imagine is super high here, as we want to see where the counter will stop!Whilst we hold, we hear what the ad is telling us, therefore, absorbing their marketing about the powers of mushrooms.Brilliant ad from these guys,Could you incorporate this Ad type into your own marketing?

Something InterestingTikToks CEO has been appearing on a lot of For You pages around the world, but mostly in the US, bringing some super positive and happy go lucky vibes.He explains that he’s meeting up with the lawmakers of the US very soon about the state of the ban on TikTok, and it appears he is getting the public on his side asking them to comment what they love about TikTokSuper interesting and worth following that story to see how he gets on.Keep an eye out for him on your FYP!NewsworthyTrying to swerve the AI chat, but it seems the new MidJourrney V5 update is a bit of a game changer.What is MidJourney?It’s a graphical artificial intelligence program that generates images from natural language descriptions, called "prompts".As a creative and a paid user of MidJourney, it was pretty good but now it’s great.Why is the update Newsworthy?Well, you can now build full landing pages, magazines, websites, and pretty much anything your creative little mind can come up with - then work with the AI to manipulate and produce something so unique and incredible.You can even build a full brand guidebook with just a few simple prompts.Try This:This week, why not try out Midjourney or start playing with some of the AI tools that you most certainly are hearing about?Worth keeping up to date even as a basic consumer.See you next week.PaulDo you like this format?Wanna chat deeper about ad creative for your brand and how we can help?Book a call below!