This framework helped us and our clients scale our ads;How to improve your STORYTELLING to get longer watch time, more clicks, and better return on your ad creatives.In a previous post, I explained THE HOOK and how you can measure and optimise it for better ads.But that is really just the first 2-3 seconds of an ad.The next important part - THE STORYA strong story will improve your HOLD RATEBetter HOLD RATE means more opportunity to market your product.You know, explain the benefits and how this product can impact your customers lives.Think of your ad as a staircase.Each step takes them closer to the action (BUYING)At every opportunity we must lead our prospect up the next step by re-engaging them consistently through the video.We do this through both visual cues and storytelling.Use this framework (save this)HOOK|PROBLEM INTRO|FAILED SOLUTION|PRODUCT INTRO|DEMONSTRATION|BENEFITS (USPs)|OFFER (Call To Action)Guide your viewer through this process with aesthetic and pleasing video.Create variations with the HOOK VARIATION system from my last postAnd you will be scaling ads in no time.Hope this helps!PaulP.S want us to do it for you?Book a call below